Welcome to my Freelancer Web Site

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Welcome, one and all, to The Not So Amazing Adventurers Of Rod Currie: Freelancer. As you might guess, I am Rod Currie and this is the web site for my activities as a freelancer. While I am particularly focused on the game industry, I am also willing to take on writing and editing jobs in other fields.

I may expand more upon this welcome in the future, but for now, hello, welcome, and feel free to look around and comment on anything that interests you. Oh, and if you’d like to hire me, that would be cool too.

Have fun.

Gaming Conventions and Me

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I have been attending major gaming conventions for over 30 years and creating and GMing role-playing scenarios at them for nearly 20 years. Gaming conventions are my major connection to the game industry. It’s through those conventions that I grew interested in game design and working in the game industry.

You can read about my convention roleplaying events at supersquadamerica.com.

In this category of posts, I plan to discuss the conventions I attend.