My Word Nerds Prototypes

rjcurrie Word Nerds

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have entered the blind playtesting phase of development on my game Word Nerds. To aid in this endeavor, I had a few physical prototypes manufactured by Print & Play Games for selected and I just thought I would share some photos of them with you today.

First, there are the cards: 100 letter cards, 54 action cards, 6 player info cards, and 1 First Player card. Here’s how they turned out:

Picture of Word Nerd cards.

Next are the tokens (0-7) for each of the six players:

Picture of tokens

And because it’s handy to keep your unused tokens face up but out of the sight of your opponents, here are the screens to hide them behind (again, one for each player):

Picture of screens.

Scoring in Word Nerds is tracked on the Score Tracker so everybody can easily see where they currently stand. Here’s the one from the prototype:

Picture of Score Tracker

Next up is the rulebook.  Below is a picture of the book and you can find a PDF version here.

Word Nerds rulebook


And finally, there’s the box:

Word Nerds box

Overall, I think it turned out pretty well.