Welcome to The Not So Amazing Adventures of Rod Currie: Freelancer. This site describes what I do as a freelance writer/editor/game designer and, in many cases, tries to take you through the process of the projects I am working on.

This site hasn’t been updated in a long time, so please have patience while I try to bring it up-to-date.

Rod’s Freelance Activities

Picture of game pieces

Game Design

I am relatively new to game design. While I have played games all my life, it was only recently that I designed my first game, Word Nerds which I will be attempting to sell to a publisher in the next few months.

This section of my web site discusses games that I’m working on as well as my general thoughts on game design.

Old typewriter with crumpled paper


I was a technical writer in the computer software industry for over twenty years, creating and maintaining manuals, online help, and various other pieces of documentation. These days, I am looking to take on freelance writing challenges in the game, software, or other fields.

In the writing section of my web site, you can find posts about writing as well as samples of my work.

Text being edited


As a technical writer, I handled many different types of editing: from simple proof-reading of my fellow writers’ work to helping software engineers shape magazine articles. Now, I’m ready to put that experience to work helping others produce clean and clear writing they can be proud of.

This section of my web site discusses editing and what I can do for you as an editor.